• Image of Science Girl: Double Feature

Science Girl: Double Feature is two stories in one book!

Science Girl in The Science of the Robocorn

When one of Edie's childhood inventions, the Robocorn, comes home to play, Edie finds a fatal flaw in the design-- Robocorn will only play with girls and will attack any boys who get too close. Edie finds herself torn between saving her old invention and keeping the boys of Vulcan Heights safe.

Science Girl in Magical Scientist Ediko

When there's nothing to watch on TV, Edie and Wilhelm decide to peep in on an alternate dimension-- one where science and magic are one in the same. In that dimension, Edie is a magical girl superhero known as Magical Scientist Ediko--complete with her own giant mecha. If you love Sailor Moon and Japanese Anime, you'll love this wacky tale of magical mayhem.

Story: Kris Moore
Art: Jesse Hughes
Pages: 20
Format: Black and White