• Image of Buttons

You are going to look fresh to death in these fashionable comic book buttons! Pin them on your shirt, your hat, your grandma-- who cares, they look good anywhere! And if your grandma doesn't like it, she can go to hell (don't tell her I said that.)

There are six colorful designs for you to choose from-- or get the whole lot if you can't make a choice. It's your money, you worked hard for it, you can spend it any way you like!

1. Mr. Snacktime (green) Mr. Snacktime is the mascot for "Saturday Morning Snack Attack!" and a snacktacular fellow to have pinned to your chest. Wear him with pride, because he'd do the same to you!

2. Science Girl Red (red) Edie isn't just a scientific genius, she's also a branding wizard. The Science Girl logo is adorned all over her inventions-- and now they can be all over you too!

3. Science Girl Purple (purple) It's the same thing-- only it's purple and pink. Perfect for when you, like, you know, want to wear purple and pink.

4. Chibi Vulcan (cyan) Awww look at him! I mean, Dr. Vulcan might be evil and he might be the villain, but he looks so darn cute! Who could resist that little face? Pin him to your PJs so you can cuddle up at night.

5. Happy Toaster (yellow) How happy is YOUR toaster? Probably not as happy as this. Happy Toaster is one of Edie's greatest inventions and now you can be as happy as he is. Slap it on and get happy!

6. Science is Weird red and blue I mean-- it is! Science IS weird! And now you can have the button that proves it. I mean, if Wilhelm is saying it, then it must be true. He's not programmed to lie.

All buttons are 1" round with a fastener on the back, cause you know-- how else are you gonna pin it to something?