• Image of Saturday Morning Snack Attack! Vol. 1

Four Snack-Sized Stories in a Saturday Morning Flavor!

Saturday Morning Snack Attack! is a comic book anthology series that seeks to replicate the feeling of waking up in the morning to watch Saturday morning cartoons– but you know, for grown-ass adults.

All he wanted was a lousy beer among friends, but now the superhero known as Wyldkat must pass an initiation test to become inducted into the League of Mutants and Monstrosities– because only card carrying members get bar privileges!

Story: Kris Moore
Pencils/Inks: Patrick Halpin
Colors: Sean Burres
Letters: James Reddington

Stake and Scepter

Lord Aligheri has been terrorizing people for nearly a thousand years– and these girls think that’s long enough. Judy Daywalker and Ellie Nightshade are a dynamic duo of vampire slayers who befriend a magical girl named Savior Sun– a cute magical girl from Japan.

Story: Kris Moore
Pencils/Inks/Colors: John Sowder
Letters: Bram Meehan

My Demonic Sweet 16

The only thing Bea wanted for her Sweet16 was a car and maybe a huge party– and some clothes– and money– and a new laptop. But what she got instead was something much better– fantastic magical abilities. However, Bea is going to learn the hard way that getting what you want all the time can have dire consequences.

Story: Kris Moore
Pencils/Ins/Colors/Letters: Johnny Whaam

Flying Solo

The Space Sentinel Taskforce has always fought the evil Space Lords together as a team, but when she’s fed up of being mistreated by her teammates, the Pink Sentinel decides its time to fly the coop. Without her help, does the team stand a chance against the latest Space Lord, Raiju?

Story: Kris Moore
Pencils/Inks/Colors: Edwin Domingo
Letters: Bram Meehan

Rating: Mature
Pages: 24
Format: Full Color