• Image of Saturday Morning Snack Attack! Vol. 2

Four Snack-Sized Stories in a Saturday Morning Flavor!

Saturday Morning Snack Attack! is a comic book anthology series that seeks to replicate the feeling of waking up in the morning to watch Saturday morning cartoons– but you know, for grown-ass adults.

This is the second volume, however each volume contains self-contained stories so they can be read out of order.

Abigail Astoundo: Beastie Buster

The Astoundo family are famous beastie busters and little Abigail is about to take her place in the family business of busting evil beasties. But Abigail is about to discover that not all evil beasties are really evil-- some are being controlled by evil people. What's a beastie buster to do when her enemy is another human?

Story: Kris Moore
Character Design: Kris Moore
Rose McClain

I Know Who You Meddled With Last Summer

The teenagers of Mystery Team (and their talking dog) each find their prized possessions stolen or destroyed. The only clue is a simple note that says "I know who you meddled with last summer." Problem is-- last summer they meddled with tons of shady businessmen, criminals and wannabe monsters. Which one is trying to hurt them now?

Story: Kris Moore
Pencils, Inks, Colors, Letters: Jesse Hughes


Dr. Lacey Harper is a gigasbiologist-- a scientist who studies giant monsters, who lives amongst her subjects on Daikaiju Island. For years she has been raising a giant monster of her own, a giant bat creature named B.B., who she's learned to communicate with. B.B. loves her adoptive human mother, but still harbors hatred for the creature that killed her family-- the sinister Tortugor. A showdown of giant proportions is about to begin on Daikaiju Island, and every monster is gonna be there!

Story: Kris Moore
Art: Edwin Domingo
Lettering: Brandon Williams

Sugar & Spice vs. Everything Nice

They say girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but they're not-- they're made of guts. Watch as the gutsiest girls in Palm City kick butt in this exclusive preview of the ongoing webcomic! Sugar and Spice thought the Five Fingers of Death had killed someone important to the two of them-- Sugar's twin brother and Spice's boyfriend, Cinna. But when they find out Cinna might be alive-- well, let's just say the Five Fingers won't be for very much longer.

Created by: Kris Moore and Brandon Williams
Story: Kris Moore
Art: Brandon Williams
Special Thanks: Martina Sic

Rating: Mature
Pages: 40
Format: Full Color